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This Week's Dinner Specials Menu

                 After 5pm Dinner Specials  -  while supplies last…                           

September 8th - 10th,  2017, Labor Day Weekend

SOUPS: served with homemade bread; cup 4.50  bowl  6.50
Ask your server about today’s soups

fig peach salad:
  fresh figs & peaches with spinach, celery & pecans tossed with spring greens and peach-balsamic vinaigrette   gf   7.50
add house made sausage or roasted chicken  4.50  gf
sweet potato fries
& tangy, creamy maple dip  gf  5


new york steak hand trimmed, pan seared to order, served with whipped garnet yams & cilantro pan sauce with artichoke hearts & topped with crispy onions   gf   24
plum-basil chicken:
  boneless, skinless chicken thigh braised in a plum-basil sauce, served with pickled beets & brown rice, topped with crispy carrot shreds,    gf  18 
sesame crusted halibut over coconut sticky rice, with sautéed broccoli, carrots, scallions, red onions & garlic, dressed with coconut beurre blanc   gf   24
zucchini parmesan:
battered, breaded & fried zucchini served topped with a slightly crisp garlic-parmesan wafer & house made marinara with basil garnish 14 

PASTA of the weekend:  half 9;  full 12
cream of beet penne:
a creamy sauce made with beets, celery, white wine, cilantro and garlic, tossed with roasted beets & penne
add roasted chicken or house made sausage  4.50

  6.25;   add ice cream 1.50
famous mt. laguna cobbler:
brandy-simmered fruit of the day baked under a pecan butter-crumble crust
new york blueberry cheesecake:
traditional new york style cheesecake in a graham cracker crumb crust, topped with wine-saucey blueberries

gf = gluten free


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